"I am a huge fan of Bobby’s and his Art of Not Acting class. It’s the most alive, authentic, empowering, freeing and unique approach I’ve ever experienced. Bobby’s impeccable eye for truth and a rare instinct to tune into what’s blocking each actor has helped me get out of my own way and, finally, into that elusive state of flow. His approach of fostering creativity from an honest, vulnerable, and authentic place is beautiful and rare. I’ve grown so much as an actor and as a person since I started to work with him and it shows in the unfolding of both my personal and professional lives. Bearing witness and jumping into the magic that happens in Bobby’s classes is nothing short of inspiring and soul expanding."
Maria Elena Laas, "Vida" "Warrior"

"When I met Bobby I thought to myself 'This guy should be teaching an acting class' Finally, he caught up to my idea. His class was all I expected it to be and so much more, it is called 'not acting' because that is exactly what you do, not act but listen to the truth of that moment. To an actor that sounds great in theory but it's a whole different experience when you are witness to it. Bobby has a special way to cut through all the crap we actors put in front of ourselves and get straight to the core, the most simple and raw part of our being. In this place everyone's light shines through and it is an exhilarating thing to experience and to watch.  I would recommend not acting to any actor who is serious about taking their work to the next level."
J. Eddie Martinez
Series Regular on "The Sinner"

"It is with deep perceptiveness and vulnerability the most profoundly human experience in acting is created. Bobby leads an exceptional class in "not-acting' and simply being. I can see how deeply connected this work is to being human and communicating the human experience through storytelling. Bobby's gentle, honest and radiant energy is palpable as he encourages the most authentic approach to being with a scene partner I've ever seen."
Emily Vere Nicoll

"Bobby's insight and ability to unlock creative blocks is second to none."
Will Beinbrink​

"It, Chapter 2"

"After 10 years of acting classes, I've never found something as unique and as fun as Bobby Colt's Art of Not Acting "class." Bobby's class is a deep exploration of truth, art, and life. He has a talent for seeing your talent and pushing you to reveal it and let it shine. The work we do is empowering and inspiring and has blended into my daily life. I've become a much more passionate and truthful artist and have had more fun in my acting work and in my daily life since taking Bobby's class. Bobby's class will liberate you, thrill you and change you in ways you can't even imagine."
Ashley Moret

"Just wanted you to know I got the part in the Judd Apatow new movie! You were right. They loved me. I killed it! I was so relaxed and in the moment. And it's because of you. Thank you Bobby."

Mario Polit

"Before I joined Bobby’s class about a year ago, I was almost ready to throw in the proverbial towel. After 3 decades in this business, I had spent the last several years trying to revive my passion and motivation for acting – and was failing miserably. I was taking various classes and workshops, filling my head with so many techniques and “insider tips“ about auditioning and acting that I ended up with the opposite of what I was searching for: I felt stale, uninspired, and deeper in my head than ever before. It would take an enormous amount of effort to pull me out of there, but Bobby was willing to oblige. With a great deal of patience and generosity, Bobby helped me break down those self-imposed barriers and find my passion for acting again. In Bobby’s class I discovered that “being in the moment” and “being truthful” are not so abstract or elusive after all. He helps us to identify and appreciate our strengths, while pinpointing the flaws that get in our way - where no one else has had the courage or insight to point them out to us. I’ve also learned how to actively listen and not worry about what’s going to happen next. It was such a relief to discard everything I thought I knew and to stop trying so damn hard.

In Bobby’s class, everyone gets to work, and scenes are never cut short, so I always feel I have closure or something concrete to work with. The level of support and love from my classmates is unparalleled. Bobby asks for nothing less. And the talent? Simply jaw-dropping. When someone has a breakthrough, we all benefit. Bobby strongly resists the typical “acting teacher” label; he is more facilitator and colleague – just the most generous one I’ve ever met. Whereas in the past, I would feel lost outside of acting class without my teacher’s approval and guidance - with Bobby, I feel armed and ready to play no matter where I am. Since joining Bobby’s class, I feel looser and freer in auditions. Recently, a casting director even commented, “Finally, an actor who knows how to listen.”

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I honestly feel I wouldn’t still be calling myself an actor today if I hadn’t found Bobby’s class. I am grateful beyond measure. So, if you’re serious about acting and willing to change or toss aside everything that no longer works for you (whether you realize it or not), I highly recommend this class."
Amy Benedict

"This was one of the best acting experiences I've ever had and definitely the best class I've ever taken. I say that having worked with some of the best acting teachers in Europe and the US. However I'm reluctant to call it a "class" as when Bobby Colt works with you you feel like your in the real world on a film or TV set. He fine tunes your craft effortlessly making your performance seem effortless. But the truth is you are not "performing" you are simply being. You are connecting with your scene partner at the highest possible level. I was blown away by the A - list level of talent in the room. If your an actor living in Los Angeles or New York City do yourself a favor and sign up to be a part of this truly unique and groundbreaking approach to the oldest profession in the world. It will bring you immediate results!"

Ed Malone

"Bobby's class is a Master Class for actors. His teaching and coaching are at the highest artistic level, along with all the talent there. In all my years working with the best coaches in Los Angeles and New York, no one compares to him. I call him the ‘talent whisperer.' If you want to become the most exciting, unpredictable working actor you can be, I would train with him. His classes are a breeding ground for excellence and truth." 

Butch Hammett 

"The "inside work" Bobby does with us is the foundation of who we are as humans, so it only clarifies us as artists. His special ability of unearthing the subconscious is a rare and valuable gift that is applicable to any genre of script. I'm so grateful for his insights. They've helped me tremendously in work and life."
Amy Pietz

"The greatest lesson I've learned from Bobby's class—There's a big difference between an actor who is skilled, and an actor who instead delights in telling the truth, who's unabashedly real and welcomes being so in the moment, that they don't even know what's coming next, even if they have performed the scene a dozen times.  It takes courage, not skill, to simply stand in that unknown space and trust that you are enough."
Mary Samuels

"This honestly has been one of the best, and most unique acting experiences I have ever had! Bobby got me back to the childhood feeling of "playing pretend". To the times where I wouldn't think I would just be. This class doesn't just help you to become a better actor, it also helps you to become a better person. Bobby removes blocks that you may not even realize are there which allows vulnerability, leading to a truthful performance. This is a transformative class that I recommend for beginners and experts alike!”

Barrett Blizzard

"After years of training, and years of avoiding more training, I found Bobby Colt’s class, and found a new way of working that reignited my fire. Unlearning long held beliefs of what good acting was, I have never felt so alive in my work. The class will challenge you, and push you to limits much like an athlete readying for competition, strengthening your drive to bring your truth to the world and the marketplace. The work you witness in class will remind you how transcendent the art of acting (or not acting) is, and how worth the squeeze, the juice of life is. I can’t wait to get back to class every week. I can’t wait for people to see the actor I knew I could always be, thanks to Bobby Colt.”
Carl DeGregorio

"There is nothing quite like being in 'the zone' as an actor. Those moments of being truly in the moment wether it is on stage, on camera or rehearsal, are so precious and fleeting. And since coaching with Bobby they have been occurring to me so much more consistently. Approaching my artistic process and my life from a place of 'beingness' and truth in the Non-Acting Class has been incredibly enriching to me and my career. Bobby, with his sharp 'lie detecting skills' and generous insights has created a space where talents can fully emerge, and blocks can be dealt with. The level of talent, collaboration and pure joy I've seen in his classes has been unmatched! 

Thank you Bobby!"
Tamar Pelzig

"Bobby’s class is unlike anything you’ll ever take. I’ve benefitted greatly from many classes with wonderful teachers over the years, and learned so much from each of them. But Bobby is in a league of his own. He looks at someone and sees past all of their habits and tricks straight down into their soul. He masterfully knows just what each person needs and when they need it. Just as he will step out of the way to allow breathtaking performances to unfold, he will be lovingly ruthless in helping someone remove a layer or mask they didn’t know they were wearing. I’ve never before seen an acting teacher strip down a person’s performance so that the actor’s heart is beautifully exposed before even they realized it. I only wish that Bobby were more bi-coastal! I will study with him every chance I get the opportunity, and I highly suggest you do the same!"
Merissa Morin

"Since joining Bobby's class, the transformation in my acting has been truly unbelievable. He has empowered me to reach depths of emotional truth that I always knew I was capable of but somehow couldn't reach. He fosters an incredible sense of trust and safety that allows artists to explore themselves in a way I had never experience before. The work I see consistently every week is awe inspiring. He not only has an uncanny eye for the truth, but he also enables me to find my own genuine reactions and be ruthlessly real in expressing my truth. The way that Bobby works doesn't just create brilliant art, it creates exciting and dangerous artists. If you want your art to be safe or you want to stay in your comfort zone, don't take Bobby's class. If, on the other hand, you're prepared to bare your soul for the world to see, I can't recommend this class highly enough."
Andrew Kirkley

“Bobby Colt’s acting class is not a “how to act” by concepts and ideas, but a master class in being real and connected to truth thru trusting of the given moment in the given circumstance. Engaged in what is true listening and letting go of the feeling that you have to make something happen. Being part of this journey has allowed me to free myself within the art form to become the character of circumstance.” 

Jay Montalvo

"I don't think an approach like this has ever existed before. Bobby's class goes beyond technique and invites you to trust what is present and innate when you dare to leave yourself alone and live in the unknown of each moment... This is where the real magic, spark, and unpredictable brilliance of any great performance lies, and Bobby leads actors there with incredible clarity, passion, generosity, care and humor."
Karen Strassman​

"Bobby's 'No Acting' technique has re-awakened my love of acting in a new way. You can be an artist or just another LA actor. This class is where the artists are. Bobby's class is an absolute blast and has attracted some of the finest actors in town. You are laughing one minute and crying the next, all the while finding your own personal truth and layering it into your work. Once you can let go of how you think 'it should be,' and be comfortable with the unknown, there your power lies both in your work and within your soul. Your artistic gold lies in the unknown and Bobby’s approach reveals that in every moment of your work. Once you understand this you will have a confidence in your work and effortlessly trust what is at any given moment.”
Missy Hairston

“Bobby’s remarkable gift is to guide you through an incredible journey into being at ease with your true self and allowing your talent to shine. The growth I have experienced as an artist and in my personal life is tremendous.” 

​Chris Lusti

"Bobby’s Not Acting class has changed my life! I am a completely different person than when I started training with him. Bobby has helped me to embrace my truest self, live in that truth and be unapologetic about it. Bobby is one of the clearest communicators I have ever come across. The way he is able to collaborate with each actor in a personal way is astounding. Bobby doesn’t let anyone get away with anything but the truth and as a result it breaks you out of old habits, ideas, and comfort zones. The moment-to-moment approach Bobby uses forces each actor into the present and out of their head, which is the most freeing place to be as an artist. The trust and love between Bobby and all of the students is so clear in they way everyone gives themselves fully in every class. This Not Acting class is so much more than just an acting class. Every class is a new moment; each set of sides a new truth, and every time you work a chance to start from zero with no ideas. I am forever grateful for Bobby, his Not Acting technique, the students in his classes and what it has done for me as an actor and as a human being. Thank you!”

Kat Levy

"The nature of Bobby's class is Being. Being present, being real and being truthful. The result is being alive. His acting class challenges me to do that. Bobby keeps it simple. It's so simple it's hard to trust that it's enough. Being present is the key. That's what I'm learning from Bobby."
Rico Aragon​

"I'm no longer mimicking life, I'm just here...living it. That's what Bobby has taught me, and for this I am forever grateful. I could ramble on about Bobby and the incredibly kind, passionate and inspiring teacher he is. All I know is that I've never felt that level of honest dedication and commitment from any other teacher in all of my life."
Brigitte Kali​​

"There are many acting coaches in L.A. None however are able to do what Bobby is doing; taking the powerful and transformative technology of Inside Game that he has developed over the last 16 years, and pairing it with his experience and training as an actor to offer this unique experience.  I believe that everyone who goes into this class cannot help but come out a more dynamic actor and a more dynamic human being.
Randy James, Randy James Management

"If you believe that less is more in your work, then anything less than Bobby Colt’s Art of Not Acting class has more probability of being a mistake for you than not, in my humble opinion. Bobby brings a passion to his guidance, motivated by direct, but kind encouragement that is unparalleled, in my experience. He challenges each actor to get out of their own way and by doing so unlocks the unique quality that every actor possesses to shine through in their work."
Mel Fair​

"Bobby Colt has a gift for seeing and knowing truth. Truth and vulnerability in acting are such incredible gifts to experience and Bobby is wonderful at knowing them and clearing a path to them. I have taken countless acting classes centered on getting the results of the scene and performing a scene how it’s ‘supposed’ to look, and what I learned was how to question my own artistic expression and intuition. What Bobby teaches in this groundbreaking class is how to allow the artist to live and thrive in the truth of the moment as it occurs. I have officially rediscovered my love of playing and my joy of acting."
Jill Crenshaw​

"Bobby has a passion for authenticity in the artistic expression. He’s dedicated to helping me (and everyone who works with him) to connect to and express my own talent in its fullest form. He’s ‘allergic’ to anything derivative and non authentic. This is what really helps me. I know that my best work happens when I let my talent work through me, freely and fully. Booking a job is okay, but a career is what counts. For that I must have access to what makes me me, and bring it fully, every time. And when that happens, I love it. Bobby’s work is focused on that "

Peter Arpesella

"Bobby is an incredible, intuitive teacher and I'm very grateful to have found him. He has a gift of guiding you to find the truth and honesty in your performance by encouraging you, spotlighting your talents and helping you eliminate old destructive ways of thinking. He has given me confidence in my talent, in myself and has helped me take my work to the next level. I highly recommend Bobby to anyone who is ready to take their craft to the next level and free themselves from mental roadblocks that don't serve them in their acting and life."
Pernille Trojgaard​

Bobby's talents offer soooo many things to actors in training and working actors. His amazing interpretive skills, talent and ability to communicate nuance and vision will bring any actor's work to a new level. He has so much to share. He has pockets full of magic dust. Enjoy!"
Harry O'Reilly

“Bobby's approach to acting is both simple and profound. I’ve gone to many classes and what strikes me the most about Bobby’s class is the consistent amount of  “not acting” I see and experience.  That for me is the best kind of acting - when I witness ease, flow and beingness.  I love the analogy he uses that doing a scene is like entering a boxing ring. There is a moment to moment alertness and a willingness to be exposed and leave it all in the ring. It’s a joy to be in the room.”
Renata Hinrichs​

"As an actor you are constantly pulled into and inticed with the next acting guru, or teacher. The hot new thing you just must spend your money on so that you will be the next big star. 

I don't know if you will ever be a "Star" but you may just wake up to the most beautiful real, sexy, dirty, enchanting, simple, complex, creative version of you that you have experienced in a long time by spending some time with Bobby. I have studied with so many teachers and have been up and down and around the block in this business and I have not studied with someone who brings such razor sharp compasion and joy to the game of acting as Bobby does. There is no teacher here, no swami master who is going to try to make you feel like a pile of shit. What I got, and what I believe you are going get out of this is the best friend you wish you always had. One who is not afraid to cut through all the bs, and help you move to the core of you in the most loving real way. I have and watched people take material they have never seen before and make some of the most compelling work filled with such freedom, ease and joy. A beinginess that should honeslty be a part of every creative endeavor. Being. If there is any big secret to acting its right there. Its right here. I was profoundly effected by this class and environment. Every person has their journey and wakes up to things at different times, but My advice is to get out of your own way and jump into the fun with Bobby. It may just change everything."

Aaron Mathias

"I had been in Los Angeles for literally 24 hours when I came to Bobby’s class. Within minutes, I relaxed into being and found my home amongst Bobby and my colleagues in the room. Bobby’s warmth and passion reverberates through the room. Truth sets everything free, and that is Bobby’s gift - being ruthlessly real. He lives by example, and from his example, I have begun to learn to be with what is both in life and as an artist, transcend the boundaries of the mind and cast aside preconceived notions of Hollywood “acting” to be not a good actor, but a great artist. My artistry has completely transformed with Bobby’s guidance, although my journey is far from over. I have the utmost respect and love for Bobby as a mentor, friend, human being, and kindred spirit artist. 
Kelsey Deanne

"If you are looking for someone to work with who values truth and encourages the un-apologetic you, Bobby is the guy. If you are tired of acting and want to get to the root of it then this is the room to work in. If you like a mind-full approach to your work and enjoy the neurosis that can so often mute performances then you probably won’t enjoy Colt’s approach.”
Jason Hildebrandt

"Bobby Colt’s Art of Not Acting class has revolutionized my relationship to the craft and my confidence as an actress. Rob’s truthful yet compassionate approach was a great fit for getting me out of formulas and bringing my characters into a genuine and spontaneous state of being. My confidence in the audition room and on set has skyrocketed. Bobby’s class has deeply changed both my craft and my life. Thank you so much, Bobby, for your tireless encouragement."
Ann Scottlin

I remember the first time I walked into one of Bobby's classes I didn't know what to quite expect.  Somehow it didn't feel like I was entering a classroom where someone talked down to people but rather a playground or recess for fun.  Over the past few years I have not only seen myself grow into a artist and someone who enjoys telling the truth.  But I have also seen people around me excel and encourage each other through everyone's personal journey.  I fell in love with stories as a child, and thanks to Bobby I fell in love with not acting but living in the moment.  There is nothing remotely as beautiful as the moments I have had the pleasure to witness in his classroom.  His passion and fire will help ignite or reignite your own by simply encouraging you to tell your own truth.  He's a Swiss army knife when it comes to cutting through the bullshit, and hands down one of my favorite actors of all time."     

Tamas Kun          

"Bobby Colt is a rare gem. His brilliance is his ability to sense truth vs. acting. Weekly, I am awed by the talent and the amazing work he draws out of the class. He shines a light and has unveiled my own "conditionings” as a human and an actor. He will gently push in and bring you to some uncomfortable places as you unearth your authentic self, but the work is so rewarding! The freedom you have as an artist when your instrument is truly set free is undeniably rich and yet so simple, and the work is just breathtaking and inspiring to watch. I am a better actor and person having worked with him. Thank you Bobby!"
Heidi Fecht

"Bobby Colt has an incredibly keen discernment, the highest of integrity, and deep, deep love. Therefore, you will not be “learning” from another “teacher”, but, instead, being led to the truth by a steadfast “guide”. He has such respect for the art, and for people, that you only need surrender to the simplest of truth, accept what he is offering you, and you will be profoundly moved. Too often we deny ourselves permission... to take time, to be our true, fullest, most expressed selves. You owe yourself this opportunity to see what happens when you do! While working with Bobby, I was awed daily by the masterful talent in the room, and the caliber of performance that was revealed, in no small part through Bobby’s careful attention, and often uncanny insight. I slowly dropped into a deeper understanding and appreciation of my very self. I woke up the morning after a week of training with this great sense of responsibility, and duty to my own talent. I feel extremely honored, empowered, and lucky. And I am forever changed. If you really listen, and let it happen, you may be too.  


With such great love and gratitude, Kobie Bowles

"Bobby's class will teach you how to open yourself to what the Great Ones have and Bobby gives you specific tools to move you through anything that may block your path or limit your natural ability; while surrounding you with a tremendous pool of talented artists in an intimate non-performance setting. To call this class anything less than the keys to a sustainable, successful career is to underestimate the value of what the right teacher can do for you."
Chiara Maya​

"No matter who you've studied with, where you've been, who you've worked with on set, as an artist we are always seeking to get better. Bobby's technique took me from knowing my technique to truly getting back to living the passion of the art.  There's a huge difference and it shows in the work. The best thing about the transformation that happens in Bobby's class is that the actor gets back in touch with their deepest truths.  It goes far beyond acting and takes working with a scene partner onto the quantum level.  The utter bliss of connecting so deeply, way beyond Meisner (like wayyyyyy beyond), is a profound feeling that really can't be accurately described beyond total artistic connected bliss.”

Deborah Twiss

"Bobby is a powerful teacher and has the remarkable quality of really seeing you, allowing you to be seen and teaching you how to do this for yourself. A student of Bobby Colt will not only leave his class a better actor, but will also have the tools to find their presence as they navigate the business of this profession, so their talents can shine."
Heather Girardi​

"How do I describe a life-changing experience, except with the description: "life-changing?" Since starting Bobby's "class," I feel as though I'm doing something important for myself, honoring my skills and passion and "working out" in a supportive, nurturing atmosphere of guidance and experience. I put the word "class" in quotes; because, it isn't like any class I've ever taken. It truly is more of a "work out" - a training session for the Performance Olympics. Bobby intuitively recognizes what may be blocking you from shining your brightest, and helps you "work it out" with him and the talented cast of characters that assemble to share this unique adventure."
Gena Kay

“Since working with Bobby my ability to book work actually increased! His class is unlike any other training I've ever done. There is a total reverence for supporting Realness and Truth, and at the same time a no-tolerance mentality for "faking it", or "acting tricks", or personal BS/stories. Bobby is the kindest, most compassionate, supportive, and loving individual I've ever met or worked with. He truly believes in everyone's ability to be free of limitations and mediocrity, and encourages us to explore our greater selves. He knows how to push us past our comfort levels while still being loving and straightforward. Plus, everyone in the class is just a gem to work with! It's an incredibly special group of individuals that constantly inspire me to be bold and truthful."

Michelle Jubilee

"Bobby's "Art of Not Acting" class is exactly what my inner doctor ordered. I go for a new ride every week.Bobby has an ability to see inside his students and the talent that longs to be released. He is nurturing, intuitive, and excellent at what he does. We are challenged by the great material he chooses, that continues to rub alongside those little uncomfortable places within us that grow us to the next level as artists. We are Free to Be!"
Pamela Daly​

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